10 Tips for Safe Driving in Work Zones

As the seasons change, so do the roadway conditions.

At Pocahontas Parkway we prepare for the unexpected, and as commuters, you should too! Just last year alone, Virginia saw 3,183 work zone crashes, 644 of which were fatal. To help reduce the number of accidents and make sure that you and other motorists get home safely every trip, we’ve compiled a list of important reminders, with the help of our friends from VDOT: 

  •  Expect the unexpected.
    ○ Keep an eye out for workers and slow-moving equipment.
  •  Follow the signs.
    ○ Signs and flaggers will direct you through the work zone. Expect changes in traffic patterns as the project progresses.
  •  Don’t tailgate.
    ○ Unexpected stops frequently occur in work zones.
  •  Don’t speed.
    ○ Enhanced fines of up to $500 may be levied for speeding in a work zone.
  •  Focus.
    ○ Focus your full attention on the road and those traveling around you.
  • Never change lanes in the work zone.
    ○ Remain in your lane to avoid last-minute merges.
  • Minimize distractions.
    ○ Avoid changing radio stations and using phones.
  • Be patient.
    ○ Crews are working to improve the safety and comfort of your travels.
  • Know before you go.
    ○ Call 511 for up-to-the-minute traffic and weather information from any phone in Virginia. Before you travel, log on to www.511Virginia.org for road and traffic conditions, weather forecasts, and live traffic cameras on many major highways.

The Parkway is operated privately Pocahontas Parkway Operations, LLC, under an agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation and is managed by Globalvia. Learn more at pocahontas895.com or visit globalvia.com.