Drivers on Pocahontas 895 can


As much as 30 minutes on round-trip area travel


and tear on vehicles  thanks to the smooth, open lanes


by using a shorter route and less gas


Pocahontas 895 provides many benefits to customers and the local region, including:

  • Pocahontas 895 offers the only crossing of the James River for six miles in either direction, connecting commuters and businesses east and west of the James River
  • Provides a safe driving experience through its well-maintained roads, even during harsh weather conditions
  • Offers express lanes for customers with E-ZPass® transponders; drivers can travel at normal highway speeds without slowing down to pay your toll. The E-ZPass transponder automatically bills your pre-paid toll account
  • Provides easy access to the growing Richmond International Airport
  • Enabling future growth of the capital region by serving growing commercial and residential development
  • Getting more cars off congested area highways