Toll rates on Pocahontas Parkway are as follows

TOLL RATES – Effective April 1, 2024

Vehicle ClassMain Toll PlazaLaburnum Ave.Airport Drive
2 Axle$5.75$3.35$3.35
3 Axle$7.10$4.70$4.70
4 Axle$8.50$6.10$6.10
5 Axle$9.90$7.45$7.45
6 Axle$11.35$8.85$8.85

Tolls are payable with E-ZPass® or with Visa, Discover, American Express or Mastercard credit and debit cards. Cash is accepted in all full-service lanes at the Main Plaza and both Laburnum and Airport exits and entrances.

E-ZPass customers can use the high-speed open lanes, allowing them to travel through the toll facility at highway speeds.

NOTE: Travelers passing through the Main Plaza are not charged again to exit at Laburnum or the Airport Connector. The Laburnum and Airport Connector toll applies only to travelers not passing through the Main Plaza.

*The operator does not receive any Federal or State funds so the tolls are allocated for operating and maintaining the road and to offer a smooth ride for our users.
Toll rates are also regulated and approved by the Virginia Department of Transportation.