Frequently Asked Questions

All the lanes are available 24/7 accepting any payment method; cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) and E- ZPass®. Automatic toll payment machines at the Laburnum and Airport Connector ramps are exact change.
Remember, if you pay your toll at the Main Plaza, you don’t pay again at the Laburnum or Airport Connector ramps. Only those traveling from Laburnum Avenue to Interstate 295 or Richmond International Airport and I-295 (and vice versa), pay the ramp tolls.

About Pocahontas Parkway

What is Pocahontas Parkway?

Pocahontas Parkway is a four-lane, nine-mile toll road that opened in 2002. It is unique because it offers express toll lanes that allow drivers the ability to travel at highway speeds through the toll plaza. Pocahontas Parkway directly connects Interstate 95 at Chippenham Parkway (Route 150) to Interstate 295, creating the only southeastern bypass around the Richmond area.

What are the advantages of using Pocahontas Parkway?
  1. Save time and distance – Pocahontas Parkway offers the only crossing of the James River for six miles in either direction.
  2. Easy access to Richmond International Airport
  3. Save wear and tear on vehicles with smooth, open lanes
  4. Provides a safe driving experience through its well-maintained roads, even during harsh weather conditions.
Are toll collectors on duty 24 hours a day?

Yes, all the lanes are available 24/7 and remotely assisted by a toll supervisor.

What if I don't have an E-ZPass or any cash when I go through the toll?

We accept Visa, Amex, Mastercard and Discover in all lanes. In addition, you can always pay online through our missed a toll option without any fee.

What are the exits off Pocahontas Parkway?

There are two exits. The first is Laburnum Avenue/New Market Road, found near the midpoint of Pocahontas Parkway near the Main Toll Plaza. The other is the new Airport Connector road linking directly to the heart of Richmond International Airport. It’s located at Milepost 3; look for the sign that says “Exit 3 Airport Drive.”

Paying Tolls

Can electronic devices be used to pay tolls on Pocahontas Parkway?

Yes. E-ZPass is accepted on Pocahontas Parkway lanes.

What is E-ZPass?

An E-ZPass  is a transponder that has to be mounted on the vehicle’s windshield. With the device in place, drivers can go through E-ZPass toll plazas without stopping at the cash plaza to pay. You simply drive through, and the electronic toll collection system will automatically bill your pre-paid account. It is important that the license plate of the vehicle is correctly linked to the account.

What's the advantage of using E-ZPass?
  1. No scrambling for loose change or cash
  2. No need to open your window in bad weather
  3. No lines at the toll plaza
  4. Access to non-stop, open toll lanes on Pocahontas Parkway
  5. E-ZPass is a snap to install – no tools necessary
How do I get an E-ZPass?

Visit the E-ZPass website or get one in our offices.

Can I get one without a credit card?

Yes. You can open an E-ZPass account with check, cash or credit card.

Will E-ZPass work on other toll roads?

Yes. E-ZPass users can travel seamlessly throughout toll roads in Virginia and other E-ZPass toll facilities in Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. As you travel through E-ZPass tolls in these areas, your payment automatically will be deducted from your account.

Is a toll violation an actual ticket from the local or state police?

No, the Virginia State Police do not issue these tickets. However, these unpaid tolls are required by law to be paid. Per Virginia law, if drivers travel the road without paying, there may be significant fines and, in certain cases, suspension of the vehicle registration through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. This applies to both in-state and out-of-state drivers.

I think that my E-ZPass is broken or deactivated. What do I do?

Please contact the E-ZPass Service Center:

E-ZPass Service Center

P.O. Box 1234 Clifton Forge, VA 24422-1234

Toll free: 1-877-762-7824

Or, take the transponder to a service center for repair or replacement.

To drop off your transponder in person, you can visit an E-ZPass office – call the E-ZPass customer service center for locations near you.

What if I left my change at the toll booth?

Please call our office at 804-822-3458 during business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday).

Who operates the E-ZPass program?

In Virginia, the Virginia Department of Transportation operates the program.

What if I received an unpaid toll slip?

Learn more now about how to make a payment in the payment center section

Safety & Traffic

Who patrols Pocahontas Parkway?

Local law enforcement officers and the Virginia State Police patrol the road.

What if I break down on Pocahontas Parkway?

If you have trouble with your vehicle when en route, move to a lane that offers safe, easy access to an emergency lane or pull off the road. If available, please use your cell phone to call for quicker assistance. The state highway assistance number may be called at 511 or you may call your local towing service.
Our road maintenance staff will stop to ensure you are safe while they are on-road working. In addition, Pocahontas Parkway keeps an on-road surveillance system with roadside cameras. This will help us know quickly if a motorist is stranded and needs assistance.

What if I have an accident on Pocahontas Parkway?

Please move all minor traffic accidents, like fender benders, off the travel lanes and onto an emergency lane or off the roadway. If available, please use your cell phone to call for quicker assistance.
If there are injuries or if the vehicles cannot be moved off the road, please dial 911 from your cell phone. Our road maintenance staff will stop to ensure you are safe while they are on-road working. In addition, Pocahontas Parkway keeps an on-road surveillance system with roadside cameras. This helps us to know quickly if a motorist is stranded and needs assistance.

Who do I call to report a problem with Pocahontas Parkway?

The general information line for Pocahontas Parkway is 804-822-3458 or you can contact us by email at

What are the safety features of Pocahontas Parkway?

Pocahontas Parkway provides a smooth, easy ride over well-maintained lanes – even in bad weather conditions. With express toll lanes, the toll plaza remains free of lines and congestion.
Pocahontas Parkway ensures a constant, safe flow of traffic in this high-growth region. For added protection, the road features regular patrols from area law enforcement, security cameras at toll plazas and strategic highway lighting.

Where can I get real-time traffic information about Pocahontas Parkway?

Contact us at 804-822-3458.
In cases of weather emergencies, the VDOT Traffic Center will assist the community by including travel advisories related to Pocahontas Parkway with their general travel notices.
Locally, information also is available as conditions or situations warrant on the local Weather Channel broadcasts, which is offered through most Richmond-area cable TV providers.

Connecting to the Airport

Can I use Pocahontas Parkway to get to the airport?

Yes. Pocahontas Parkway offers easy access to Richmond International Airport.

What's the easiest way to get to the airport?

Using our Airport Connector road is the easiest way to get to the airport. Just get on Pocahontas Parkway and watch for the signs for “Airport Connector” or “Airport Drive.”

Spending less time in traffic

How can Pocahontas Parkway help me get to Richmond International Raceway?

It saves time by directing drivers from Interstate 95 northbound onto Pocahontas Parkway and then using the Laburnum Road exit. Drivers then simply can follow Laburnum to the RIR.

Which vacation spots can I reach faster by taking Pocahontas Parkway?

Pocahontas Parkway is a true shortcut between southern Chesterfield County and eastern Henrico County heading to Interstate 64 East toward Jamestown, Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Busch Gardens and other vacation spots.
There’s no need to fight traffic on Interstate 95 or through Richmond. The smooth, open lanes with scenic views of Richmond’s skyline and Mother Nature provide stress-free driving – just what everyone needs to begin or end vacation.

Will Pocahontas Parkway get me to the beach faster?

Yes. You can save nearly 30 minutes off round-trip travel time. Pocahontas Parkway will get you off the congested interstate highways sooner and will bring you onto Interstate 295 farther east and away from Richmond traffic.

I live and work in the West End of Henrico County, so can Pocahontas Parkway help me?

It can. You can take Interstate 295 to Pocahontas Parkway to get to Richmond International Airport or points east of the city to avoid regular traffic delays, especially during peak travel periods.

Where else will Pocahontas Parkway take me?

Pocahontas Parkway will take you to lots of fun places like Williamsburg, Jamestown, Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With a stop to Richmond International Airport, you literally can go just about anywhere.
For those who are landlocked, if your work commute regularly takes you anywhere east of Richmond, then Pocahontas Parkway is a great way to cut down on your travel time and save gas.