Disabled Vehicles Added to Move Over Law, Effective July 1, 2023

Pocahontas Parkway is proud to announce that a requirement to give space on the road to disabled vehicles has been added to the Move Over Law. The law aims to protect the safety of motorists experiencing issues with their vehicles that cause roadside stoppages.

This necessary addition to the Move Over Law went into effect on July 1, 2023. It included disabled vehicles, such as vehicles experiencing potentially dangerous issues that are stopped on the side of the road with their hazard lights on, into the Move Over Law. The Move Over Law, as it was, stated that motorists must change lanes to create space between traffic and stopped vehicles like emergency responders and law enforcement. Now, the law requires motorists to change lanes to create space between traffic and disabled vehicles who are stopped on the side of the road. If it is unsafe for a motorist to change lanes, it is advised to maintain a safe speed for highway conditions and proceed with extra caution. You never know when someone dealing with a potentially dangerous vehicle issue may exit the vehicle for their safety. Failure to adhere to this law is considered reckless driving.

Pocahontas Parkway supports this addition to the Move Over Law, and thanks the Clark Family, Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA), Virginia State Police (VSP), and American Automobile Association (AAA), especially Morgan Dean, for their efforts and support of the law. Antonio Moreno, CEO of Pocahontas Parkway, says, “Pocahontas Parkway is proud to do our part and inform drivers of the change to the law that takes effect on Saturday, July 1. We agree that the purpose of this public safety initiative is clear: to prevent tragic incidents by creating a safer environment for disabled motorists, emergency responders, roadside workers, and law enforcement officers by requiring drivers to move over for everyone, whether passing an emergency or work vehicle stopped on the side of the road.” At Pocahontas Parkway, we have hosted a news conference and posted educational signs to our full stop toll booths to help inform drivers of the updated law.