Step-by-step: Using the automatic toll collection machines

If using a credit or debit card to pay a toll on Pocahontas Parkway, simply pull up to the toll machine and stop. The toll collection machine will have a screen similar to an ATM machine. Follow the on-screen instructions, using the buttons beside the screen and the keypad below.

Use these steps, in this order:

STEP 1: Enter your vehicle’s number of axles. (A standard passenger car or pickup truck has TWO AXLES.)

STEP 2: You’ll be asked if you want a receipt; select YES or NO.

STEP 3: Swipe your card (Visa or MasterCard credit or debit ONLY.) WAIT UNTIL PROMPTED TO SWIPE YOUR CARD. (NOTE: Debit cards must work like a credit card. Debit cards that must use a PIN will not work on the automatic toll collection machines. Also, only Visa or MasterCard are accepted by our automatic toll collection machines.)

Step 4: Confirm the toll amount that appears on the screen after swiping your card.

STEP 5: The machine will process your payment and indicate to you when the transaction is complete. The light at the toll point will turn to green and you can proceed.

Following these steps should take 15-30 seconds.

What is an axle? An axle is the connector between a vehicle’s wheels. Passenger vehicles (cars and light trucks) have two axles – one connecting the two front wheels, and one connecting the two rear wheels. A passenger vehicle hauling a trailer or boat has multiple axles. Large trucks such as tractor-trailers also have multiple axles.

On Pocahontas Parkway, multi-axle vehicles pay an additional fee per axle. Thus, the automatic payment machines request the number of axles to properly calculate the correct toll amount.