Pay Online

Missed a Toll

If you took an unpaid trip on the Pocahontas Parkway, you can avoid further fees by paying your toll here through the Missed a Toll process online.

Your toll amount will usually be available for payment from 24 to 48 hours of your trip and in order to avoid the toll invoice, you must pay via Missed a Toll within 15 days of your first trip without an E-ZPass.

How does it works?
- Enter your license plate number and state
- If we have processed your trip(s) you can pay for them right now
- If you traveled in a rental vehicle, please contact us before using Missed a Toll
- If after 48 hours since the trip occurred it has not been processed yet, please call 804-822-3458

*If you do not keep your receipt a small fee will be applied ($1.00)

Pay a Notice

If you received a toll invoice from Pocahontas Parkway, it means that you either did not use an E-ZPass® or you might have an issue with your E-ZPass account. If you do not pay your outstanding invoice, you will face escalating fines and penalties.

To pay or dispute a toll invoice online, please enter your Account Number and Trip Number located on your toll invoice.

Once you enter this information, you will be able to pay your notice with VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

To guaranty the best customer security the payment website is secured by an SSL certificate. The details of the certificate, including the issuing authority and the corporate name of the website owner, can be viewed by clicking on the lock symbol on the browser bar.