Airport Connector

The Airport Connector Road is a crucial upgrade for Richmond International Airport, and it's a major enabler to the capital region's current and future prosperity.

The 1.6-mile connector provides a more direct route to the airport from the east and southeast of Richmond. It greatly reduces drive time and eases congestion on local roads around the airport.

The airport has experienced significant growth in recent years. To accommodate its increased traffic, the airport recently finished a major expansion that includes a new terminal, increased parking and more carriers.

Key facts:

  • The Airport Connector is 1.6 miles long
  • It links Pocahontas Parkway with Charles City Road and Airport Drive
  • Construction began in late 2008
  • The road opened to the driving public in January 2011 - about two months ahead of schedule


Electronic Toll Collection Upgrade and Expansion

Pocahontas Parkway has upgraded and expanded the existing electronic tolling system to increase efficiency and allow us to better serve our customers. The upgrade and expansion includes:

  • Replacement of existing roadside equipment
  • Replacement and upgrading of back office systems, including violations processing, as part of the new system. Provisions for video tolling are included
  • Expanding the tolling system by supplying and installing the Airport Connector Road roadside equipment and integrating with the new back office system